Our History

United Way System

In 1887, a Denver priest, two ministers, and a rabbi planned the first United Way campaign. They raised $21,700 to help fund the needs of the people in their community. The national organization was formed in 1918, and took on five different names throughout the years becoming the United Way of America in 1970, and most recently United Way Worldwide in 2008.

Waverly-Shell Rock Area United Way

The Waverly-Shell Rock Area United Way was conceived by a group of Waverly community leaders in 1950. To quote a newspaper article of the time, many citizens felt as if they were being "solicited to death".
The Community Chest and Councils of Waverly, Iowa, Inc. was chartered on May 2, 1951. The purpose of the newly formed Community Chest and Councils was largely to eliminate all fund drives by having one all-inclusive campaign for funds.
Over the years the following name changes have occurred: 
1968 Waverly Area United Fund, Inc. 
1975  Waverly Area United Way, Inc.
1982 Waverly-Shell Rock Area United Way, Inc.

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